Covert Affairs’ Christopher Gorham: Annie and Auggie’s Trust Will Be Tested

Another tv guide article on Covert Affairs Annie and Auggie relationship this season…..

Annie and Auggie are back together again — but not like that.

On Tuesday’s Covert Affairs (10/9c, USA), the pair will hit the field in Paris with a twist. In pursuit of an asset who has history with Auggie (Christopher Gorham) to help in the Chicago bombing case, the two will swap roles, with him as operative and Annie (Piper Perabo) as handler.

“It was really fun to do,” Gorham tells “We hadn’t done that role reversal before. Before, when they were in the field together, they were working as a team, both as operatives. This time, she’s the one who’s supposed to be behind the scenes. It’ll reveal a lot about each of them and how they do their jobs.”

Unlike Auggie, who obviously was a former op, Annie has never been a handler before, which proves to be a challenge for the go-getting spy. Complicating matters is the fact that the asset’s baggage with Auggie will shape his decisions in a do-or-die situation. “[The asset] is a big presence from Auggie’s past … it might be somebody the audience is excited to see,” Gorham says. “Auggie’s not acting in a way he might normally if there wasn’t that history and that has an effect on Annie. She’s not used to hanging back and she wants to get the job done. The choices she makes in that role really affect her and Auggie’s relationship for the rest of the season. They’re in a place you haven’t seen them in.”

Annie’s questionable decision-making comes on the heels of Auggie’s own big move in last week’s episode (watch it here), when he wiped her medical records to keep her heart ailment secret from the CIA. “This plays off of that,” Gorham teases. “He did something huge for her. Trust has been a big, key part of their relationship throughout the series and that gets tested in a big way.”

Also getting tested? Annie’s new, all-business approach to work. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Auggie wants to get back together — Hayley (Amy Jo Johnson) is still in the picture after all — but it’ll call into question just how emotionally detached one should be on the job. “It’s something they always grapple with, navigating the professional and the personal. That’s the theme of the season. She was confident she could do it, but now she’s seeing how hard it is,” Gorham says, adding that Auggie meant it when he said they were “good” after Annie asked for them to simply be colleagues again in the season premiere.

“I think he understands,” he says. “He’s been doing this longer than she has. He’s been to war twice. He’s lost friends. He’s gone through what Annie’s going through. He knows she just needs some time to process what just happened and she’s still growing. If she had come back and said something different, I think he would’ve been open to it had the timing been right, but she’d been gone for four months. They broke up in Episode 7 of last season and they didn’t see each other for a while, and time really did pass.”

But does that mean Auggie’s over her? He clearly wasn’t inconsolably pining away for Annie while she was gone, and things are slowly getting more serious between him and Hayley. “I think he has closed that chapter for now,” Gorham says. “He’s moved on and he’s kind of wrestling with the idea that maybe he’s the guy who will stay single and will have long-term relationships with different people throughout his life but never gets to have the white picket fence with a wife and kids. I don’t know if that makes him pressed as much — I don’t know if he necessarily thinks it’s a bad thing.

“And if he isn’t over her,” he quips, “he might be after this!”


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Covert Affairs Postmortem: Christopher Gorham on Annie’s Betrayal and What’s Next….tvguide

If you missed last nights episode of Covert Affairs and want to read what happened from the TV GUIDE chat then head here @tv guide to read the spoiler line before the interview….which is below.

So what’s next for Annie and Auggie? How long will this rift last? Will he dump Hayley for Natasha? Is Natasha here to stay? Gorham gives us the scoop:

I had been waiting for Natasha to come back. Were you guys always planning for her to return?
Christopher Gorham: It’s funny. It was in the air for a while. We brought her back for the webisode I produced last year. They’ve been wanting to bring her back, but as always, it had to make sense. We found a way in that webisode, doing that flashback stuff. And seeing how that relationship played on screen again, I think that got them thinking of ways to get her back in the main story. I was thrilled that she came back.

It fits with the theme of the season of juggling your professional and personal lives.
Gorham: Exactly. I don’t think she could’ve come back any earlier.

Natasha is his kryptonite. Does he regret not jumping off the train?
Gorham: I think he’s totally emotionally vulnerable with her in that moment. In thinking about it, in that moment, had he not been blind, he would’ve jumped. But he couldn’t because he would’ve brought her down and they would’ve gotten caught. I think what he’s telling her now is, “If I could’ve then, I would’ve.” But now maybe they’ve got another chance.

Does he really think he could’ve gotten the key without Annie coming in? Or is there part of him that knows Annie was right — that he was compromised?
Gorham: I don’t think he had given up on it yet. I think he thinks there was still time and I do think Natasha would’ve given him the key. He is genuinely upset — not that Annie got it because he knew they needed the intel, but she did it behind his back.

And that she didn’t trust him to be able to do his job.
Gorham: Right. I think he would’ve been just as upset if [Natasha] wasn’t involved. It was like the team disappeared, and it became her and the mission. That’s the thing that he’s never done to her. I think that comes from his military background. You take care of the guys next to you first. He’s starting to feel that maybe she doesn’t understand that at least until the end of the episode.

He has to feel even more betrayed since he doctored her medical records last week.
Gorham: Yeah, for sure. He definitely feels betrayed. He put his whole career on the line for her, so for her to do this is a big betrayal to him. We haven’t explored it too much on the show, but this job is incredibly important to him. Outside of it, people see him as this blind guy who needs help getting across the street. Inside Langley is the only place where people understand his value and all the things that makes him great.

The argument scene in the streets was great, and obviously what Auggie said sat with Annie. Will she amend her all-business work mantra?
Gorham: The McQuaid (Nic Bishop)-Annie relationship gets very interesting. … She now sees that it’s harder to keep emotion out of the job than she thinks it is and that it doesn’t make it easier, so she’ll have that in mind. She just got into a fight with her closest confidant. That scene was a lot of fun to shoot. My wife was actually was part of it. It had been lovely in Paris the whole time, but that night it got cold and rainy, and they didn’t have any covers. Piper was freezing in a sleeveless dress and they had no jacket for her planned in wardrobe. We came walking up, and Piper takes one look at Anel’s Burberry jacket and was like, “Can I try that on?” So Annie Walker’s coat was borrowed from Anel Gorham! She didn’t have a coat in the house if you notice. It was great. … Piper sent a really nice email to Anel, “Thank you so much for your jacket.”

She saved the day! Where do Annie and Auggie stand going forward? She did get Natasha to come back.
Gorham: That sets thing back on the right foot. Once Auggie is made aware of what she did, he accepts it for what it was as kind of an olive branch. Neither of them is petty. But there are more rough waters ahead for them. This was just the beginning.

Is Natasha sticking around? She still doesn’t have immunity.
Gorham: Natasha’s sticking around for a little while, and it makes things difficult. She is not a character who is used to being kept in. Auggie makes it pretty clear to her off the bat that she needs to keep a very low profile and that’s difficult for someone like her. And Auggie still has this relationship with Hayley, so he needs to figure that out and how to tell her. It gets very complicated. Who would you pick?

Between Natasha and Hayley? Natasha. Hayley is like a “right place, right time” kind of situation.
Gorham: Yeah, I think so too. It’s entertaining. … We’re gonna see him struggle with his lady problem through the summer episodes — not just the two ladies he’s in a relationship with, but his relationship with Annie being the paramount one, and there’s going to be a lot of conflict between the two of them.

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When will we find out what happened to Annie on that beach on Covert Affairs? — Sina
There won’t be a flashback episode, but pieces of the puzzle will be peppered throughout the season before culminating in the midseason finale. “There’ll be a little something at [Episode] 10 that I think people will be waiting for and will be very revealing, so to speak,” executive producer Matt Corman says. “It answers questions fans will have and it will be something to propel us forward.”


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Covert Affairs 5×04 promo

Episode 5.04 – Silence Kit
Annie begins a stakeout; the CIA learns that a member of the intelligence community may have leaked intel; Joan and Arthur compete for funding; Calder’s personal and professional lives

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TV Guides Matt Roush reviews Covert Affairs

Tv Guides Matt Roush gives his take on Covert Affairs new season

ANNIE’S GOT HER GUN: And she’s all business as USA Network’s enjoyably diverting espionage thriller Covert Affairs returns for a fifth season (10/9c) with Annie Walker (Piper Perabo), the spy who came in from the cold — in this case, a mysterious four-month off-the-grid exile following last season’s rogue mission. “I’d like to go back to when things were simpler,” she says upon her reunion with her uneasy CIA colleagues, including the ever-loyal Auggie (the invaluable Christopher Gorham). Not that anything’s ever simple in the deadly game they’re playing.

Annie’s arms-length attitude toward even her closest allies suggests she’s somewhat damaged goods, but she jumps at the chance to follow leads on a terrorist threat to Chicago — where she encounters a dashing security contractor (Body of Proof’s Nicholas Bishop) who admires her new blunt attitude. “I’m not most spies,” she huffs, a not-so-humble brag that further endears her to him. But it looks like romance will have to wait, as her assignment takes a twist that should keep the agency on edge for most of the season. I’m in.


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TV Guide talks 6 things to know about Covert Affairs new season

TV Guides 6 things to know about the new season!

Annie’s back — and blonde! — and she’s got a gun secret.

The last we saw Annie (Piper Perabo) on Covert Affairs, she had killed Henry in Hong Kong and was seemingly on her way back to Washington, D.C. It turns out, she took a little detour.

When Season 5 premieres Tuesday (10/9c, USA), Annie will finally make her way back to the DPD after four months away, but she won’t be sharing many details, other than to declare that she’s ready to get back to work. Fortunately for her, she immediately gets thrust into a case involving a familiar face and a couple of new ones, including Ryan McQuaid (Nic Bishop), a Navy SEAL-turned-private contractor billionaire who may or may not have a secret agenda, and Borz Altan (Michael A. Goorjian), a disillusioned former U.S. soldier.

Exclusive Covert Affairs sneak peek: What is Annie hiding?

“We wanted to take the characters and themes to the next level,” co-executive producer Matt Corman tells “We started by thinking, Annie’s been an operative for a while and she’s evolving, but we wanted to see what’s the next chapter in the life of a spy.”

So what does that look like? Here are six things you can expect this season.

1. Where in the world was Annie Walker?
On a beach. That’s all she’ll reveal during a polygraph when she returns, but Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Calder (Hill Harper) know she wasn’t just working on her tan. “Many of our other characters have had secrets and we’ve never had Annie have a secret, so we wanted to see what that is like,” co-executive producer Chris Ord says. “Will she tell anyone? How long can she keep it for? That’s what we want to explore. [The secret] will unravel over the season.”

2. The way we were
Sorry, Walkerson ‘shippers. When Annie comes back, she asks Auggie if they can go back to “simpler times” — aka handler and operative. “The real question of the season is, ‘As a spy, can you have it all?’” Corman says. “Do work and your personal life have to be separate? When or should they even try [to be a couple] again?” Not mixing business and pleasure may be what Annie wants, but what about Auggie? Well, he certainly won’t be lonely…

3. Love is in the air
Auggie will be moving on by romancing Amy Jo Johnson’s Hayley, a National Counter Terrorism Center investigator, and will too be faced with the work life vs. private life dilemma. He’s not the only guy getting some action. Calder will be bedding Sydney (Nazneen Contractor), a mysterious woman who will play a “big role” in unlocking Calder’s own secrets this season. “We thought it was time to explore Calder more,” Ord says. “Last season, we just knew him as an ambitious operative and now that he’s acting DCS and fully part of our world, we’re doing to dig deeper.”

Get the scoop on your favorite returning summer shows

4. Job hunting
Speaking of Calder’s temp gig, Joan (Kari Matchett) is back from maternity leave, which means the still-unseen DCI will formally name a DCS replacement between the two of them. Needless to say, the person who doesn’t get it will not be happy. Meanwhile, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) will head to the private sector to work forMcQuaid, who will cross paths with Annie on her mission. “He’s a very confident guy … and the dynamic between him and Annie is going to be very fun,” Corman says.

5. Mission… impossible?
Said mission will see Annie try to stop a terrorist attack after an old face, whom we haven’t seen since Season 3, returns and commits a deadly act. Be warned: Before the hour is over, plenty of blood will be shed. “It’s a very vigorous episode. We wanted to pack a lot in there and we feel like we have,” Ord says. “This [mission] is definitely different from past ones. The threat is much greater.”

6. WTF?!
There will be one gasp-worthy moment during the premiere that will have you begging for answers. “That’s the one scene we hope everyone will go, ‘What is going there?!’” Corman teases. “And I think they will.”


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HAPPY SEASON 5 starts tonight on USA

From Pipers whosay/tweets about tonights HAPPY SEASON 5 vid of the cast saying happy season 5

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Covert Affairs promo season 5 Episode 1

Chris chats with Access Hollywood about Covert Affairs new season

At the end of Season 4, Piper Perabo’s Annie Walker finally took out the traitorous Henry Wilcox. So what’s the next for the characters going forward? Plenty. And in a new interview with Access, Christopher hinted at some of the problems Annie runs into when she tries to return from spending Season 4 dark, and how Auggie will help provide her with the grounding she needs. But first, we had to ask Christopher about his recent turn playing the Wizard of Oz/a flying monkey on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” a gig that reunited him with a former “Covert Affairs” Season 2 guest star, who played sexy stewardess Franka.

Access: At the end of last season of ‘Covert Affairs,’ Henry Wilcox was killed. I’m curious about the residual effects of his death and how that’s going to effect the show going forward.

Christopher: What we’re dealing with at the top of the season is — and it’s great because it fits right into kind of Auggie’s experience, but what Annie’s dealing with is coming home from war, essentially, and trying to reset her life and trying to go back to normal and trying to find a way, trying to fit back into her old life and finding that it’s not always easy to start over like that.

Access: How does Auggie feel about having her back in D.C.?

Christopher: He’s very happy to have her back. I think he knows what she’s been through. … She’s the person that he cares most about and they have, I think, an unbreakable connection and so he’s been waiting for her to come back and is relieved, I think, that she has come back. But also, the first scene, they’re reuniting… and the most important thing that Auggie wants to get through to her is that they’re okay, is that he’s still here for her and they’ll figure the rest of it out later.

Access: What do you think drives them to do their jobs? Because there’s a lot of sacrifices they’ve had to make, personally, in order to do what they’re doing.

Christopher: Yeah, very much so. And Auggie’s been doing it longer and Annie’s still, I think, exploring. She’s still on that journey of finding out how she’s gonna fit in and how she’s gonna do what she does most effectively. It’s a big question this season is, does she still fit into this CIA world that she left, you know? And she’s gonna try and work, but it’s very much an unanswered question. Both of these characters have a very real sense of duty. For Auggie, and [it’s] something we haven’t touched on much in the show… but I think he really needs his job. He relies on that job because outside of Langley, he doesn’t get the kind of respect that he gets inside of Langley. … When he goes out grocery shopping or if he goes out for a beer and it’s some place nobody knows him, he gets treated like a cripple.


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501 Episode Stills

A few Annie related stills for the upcoming season 5 has been released, there isnt anything Auggie related but hopefully he will be seen in the 1st episode….

thumb_501_002 thumb_501_006 thumb_501_008

COVERT AFFAIRS > SEASON 05 > Episode Stills > 501 – (x007)

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