Season 4 DVD release date/info


Covert Affairs – Season Four hits stores May 27th

The fourth season of the spy drama starring Piper Perabo comes home this spring. The 4-disc DVD set includes all 16 episodes, along with an Ultraviolet digital copy. It is priced at $39.98 SRP, but you can pre-order it for a currently discounted price (link above).

Season 5 premieres summer 2014 on USA.

Special features:

Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
Action Reel
Sights Unseen: Auggie Undercover – ACovert AffairsPrequel

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Chris Gorham talks of the Religious Freedom Bill while promoting the Characters Unite initiative

An actor visiting Arizona State University to promote tolerance and equality through the Characters Unite initiative weighed in.

Christopher Gorham, who plays a blind CIA agent in the television series “Covert Affairs,” said the bill sitting on Brewer’s desk does the opposite of what he was in town to promote.

“The AZ Legislature seems to be writing discrimination into the law books,” he said.

Piper Perabo’s PSA

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Piper talks to the New Potato

There is someone we’re dying to have over for dinner this week, and that’s Piper Perabo, star of USA Network’s Covert Affairs as well as an honorary foodie who loves to entertain. Need we say more? We do actually, because during our time with Perabo we realized she may just be the cutest and nicest person on the planet, which is not a title we give out often (we know, it’s not as eloquent as it could be, we’re just being honest). See all of Perabo’s tidbits on everything food and health…

What would be your ideal food day?

Breakfast at Jack’s Wife Freda in New York City; lunch at La Capital Cantina in Mexico City; dinner at my folks house when my dad makes blackened pot roast sandwiches on my mom’s homemade rolls, and maybe dessert at The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York City.

What’s your drink?

A vodka martini, straight up.

How do you start your day on a good note?

A cortado, an egg sandwich with kale and extra hot sauce, and a slow walk around the block.

What are some of your healthy routines?

When I’m filming, I eat fish for breakfast and every time I hear a bell, I use it as a reminder to stop and take a deep breath.

What’s your afternoon snack?

Avocado, radish and lemon juice on toast or pickled herring.

What won’t you travel without?

Oil of Oregano, Saint & Hindu God Medals, an alarm clock, and my man.

What are some pre and post shoot routines?

In Hong Kong, the crew sets up an alter every day before shooting with incense and fruit; I would love to implement that into our show’s routine. When we wrap, I try and say thank you to everyone, then I begin work for the next day in the car ride home.

READ THE REST HERE at the new potato.

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Season 5 tibits

Sorry its been a while, There hasnt been much news or info comeing out yet for season 5 of CA in a while relating to Annie and Auggie but found something from TVLines Matt Mitovich hinting at a possible new series character/love interest….its just a possibility of a love interest for Annie so dont go going grazy till more comes out.

Do you have any spoilers yet on Covert Affairs’ next season? Missing my Annie and Auggie! –Debra
Are you sitting down? Good. Because the one thing I do know about Season 5 is that the USA series is casting a new series regular —“McQuaid,” a handsome, magnetic and charming Navy SEAL turned private contractor/billionaire. The guy’s got a questionable past, sure (don’t we all?), but that won’t keep him and Annie from striking an undeniable spark — one that could last all… season… long. Casting ideas?

SOURCE:TVLine spoilers

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Covert Affairs Finale: tv guide talks

It’s a showdown four seasons in the making: Annie and Henry will finally face off on Thursday’s Covert Affairs Season 4 finale.

“Henry’s been there from the beginning — not always around, but we’ve always known him to be this immoral figure,” executive producer and showrunner Matt Corman tells “He’s the villain of the season and … the intent of the finale is to close that Henry chapter.”

Fall TV Report Card: How’s the new class doing?

Does that mean Henry (Gregory Itzin) will die — and at the hands of Annie (Piper Perabo)? After faking her own death to pursue him off the grid — all the way to Hong Kong — Annie offered herself to be captured last week to buy Calder (Hill Harper) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) time to depart with Henry’s MSS cohort Oliver Lee (Carl Ng). Auggie, of course, stayed behind.

“From what we’ve witnessed, [fans] are hopeful Henry will die, but wary,” executive producer and showrunner Chris Ord says. “There’s a concern that he slips away again. … He’s a smart man and he’s impressed that she [faked her death]. They’ll square off. Hopefully the finale will be satisfying and shocking.”

Thursday’s episode (10/9c, USA) will pick up right where the penultimate one left off with Henry and Annie getting into his car. In true “no man/ex-girlfriend left behind” form, Auggie will join forces with Hong Kong authorities to help Annie. But don’t read too much into Auggie’s choice to stay behind just yet — especially on the romance front.

“I don’t know if you should see it as a sign of anything,” Gorham told reporters on a conference call. “Auggie cares deeply for her and she cares about the mission and he means what he says when, ‘I am here for you. I have got your back always. And I’m not leaving without you.’ He’s not going anywhere unless they both walk out of there.”

Fall TV Report Card: How’s the new class doing?

No matter what happens to Henry though, Perabo says that the fallout from Annie’s season-long chess game/manhunt will reverberate into next season. “It’s already cost them their relationship and I think Annie has changed in some pretty major ways in what she’s had to do to go after him,” she says. “Playing Annie, I think a lot about, you know, can we get back to what she was before? And how has this changed her as an operative and as a person? And can she salvage her relationship with Auggie — her sort of normal life? Can she go back no matter what happens to Henry?”

While the finale will offer a conclusion to the Henry arc, Perabo and Gorham promise “multiple bombshells” by the end of the episode — ones of the big and small variety.

“It’s funny because I hesitate to say if it’s like a big cliff-hanger at the end of the season because it’s not exactly like it has been in seasons past,” Gorham says. “But I think it’s powerful and it definitely leaves you begging for Season 5 as quickly as possible.”

Covert Affairs airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA.


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4.11 Dead promostills
thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_11_-_Dead_-_Promotional_Photos_28529_FULL thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_11_-_Dead_-_Promotional_Photos_28129_FULL thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_11_-_Dead_-_Promotional_Photos_281629_FULL thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_11_-_Dead_-_Promotional_Photos_281729_FULL

4.12 Something against you
thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_12_-_Something_Against_You_-_Promotional_Photos_28729_FULL thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_12_-_Something_Against_You_-_Promotional_Photos_28229_FULL thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_12_-_Something_Against_You_-_Promotional_Photos_28129_FULL thumb_Covert_Affairs_-_Episode_4_12_-_Something_Against_You_-_Promotional_Photos_281729_FULL

4.13 No 13 Baby
thumb_preview_28329_FULL thumb_preview_28129_FULL thumb_preview_28429_FULL thumb_preview_28629_FULL

-COVERT AFFAIRS > SEASON 04 > EPISODE STILLS > 412 – Something against you

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episode 414 – 416 short summary

Info has been released on the upcoming episodes of the covert affairs

Episode 4.14 – River Euphrates
Annie heads to New York to pursue a smoking gun; Arthur’s court date nears; Joan is forced into the field.

Episode 4.15 – There Goes My Gun
Annie, Auggie and Calder go on an unsanctioned mission to Hong Kong; Joan and Arthur unveil a traitor.

Episode 4.16 – Trompe le Monde
Annie and Auggie try to bring Henry to justice; Calder returns to the United States.

via: spoilertv

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Covert Affairs returns tonight all new

Covert Affairs left fans hanging with the shocking twist of Annie’s so called death, but tonight it reveals alot more, Annie is alive and on the run.
Dont miss tonights all new Covert Affairs after White Collars season 5 premiere on USA NETWORK

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Tonights CA promo/sneak peek


peek 1

peek 2

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Tonights CA promo

Sorry its late posting the promo for tonights all new episode…..

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